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Privacy Policy

YourShoeScholar.com is a website created with user satisfaction in mind. We do our utmost to provide our website visitors with as accurate as possible information, as well as to swiftly respond to all of their queries.

Another method through which we ensure user satisfaction is by taking special care of their private data. Every member of the YourShoeScholar.com team is dedicated to making sure your privacy is protected. That said, if we happen to ask you to provide us with certain information you might consider private, it’s going to be in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy in the future, which is why it is advised to check it out from time to time. The current Privacy Policy of YourShoeScholar.com is effective starting June 2019.

Information We Might Collect

YourShoeScholar.com reserves the right to collect certain bits of information from the users, including but not restricted to:

  • Information the users provide by filling the sign up form on this website.
  • Information the users provide by signing up to the newsletter of YourShoeScholar.com.
  • Information the users provide by leaving comments on our website.
  • Information the users provide by sending us emails.

Use of Cookies

YourShoeScholar.com reserves the right to use the cookies in the future. At the moment, we are not using cookies, but through this Privacy Policy we would like to inform you that such a possibility exists in the future.

The information we might gather through the use of cookies is meant to provide us with statistics that could benefit our site, as well as third-parties advertisers who are either advertising on our website or use affiliate marketing means.

We at YourShoeScholar.com guarantee that the information gathered through cookies will not identify users personally. Instead, it will serve as statistical information about the visitors to YourShoeScholar.com. In layman’s terms, this means that the use of cookies will not in any way breach the statements previously laid out in this Privacy Policy.