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Our website does not sell any products; we just give our honest opinion about shoes and related products. Therefore, YourShoeScholar.com is not to be held responsible for purchases, warranties, loss of revenue, business losses, loss of reputation, or loss of data.

By browsing YourShoeScholar.com website, you are willingly agreeing that the limitations of liability are reasonable. You accept that, as a limited liability entity, YourShoeScholar.com wishes to limit the personal liability of its entire team.

You agree that you will not bring any claim against the site, its owners and employees in regard to potential losses suffered as a result of using the information found on this website. By using YourShoeScholar.com, you agree that the limitations of liability of the website and its team will protect them in the eyes of the law.

YourShoeScholar.com Gives No Warranties

YourShoeScholar.com gives no warranties about the correctness of the information found on the site. This website does not warrant that the information found on this website is actually true and up-to-date.

YourShoeScholar.com does not give any warranty that the content currently available on the website is going to stay available forever. We reserve the right to remove, add, or edit all the content on the website.

Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the links found on YourShoeScholar.com might be affiliate links. Affiliate marketing may be one of the methods through which this website makes its earnings, meaning that YourShoeScholar.com will earn a commission for every purchase made through the affiliate links.

YourShoeScholar.com will under no circumstance push its users into making purchases through affiliate links. The visitors of the site have no obligation to click on the affiliate links, nonetheless, make a buy afterward.

Still, we need to point out that the affiliate program we use is there to ensure our website will keep on running. And considering that making purchases through affiliate links on our site does not create any additional costs to the users, YourShoeScholar.com would definitely appreciate such a move from you.